Our History

our work

Pascale family, historically, used the farm in Fosdinovo since 1992 for the supply of extra virgin olive oil for self-reliance, relatives and friends. Subsequently, Francesca, daughter of head of household Gerardo, launches the idea of expanding production embracing the world of wine. The beauty of Fosdinovo’s hills, the appeal of nature joined by the desire to enhance the land underlying the olive grove and to give impetus to the nascent local agriculture. Pascale Francesca Farm is distinguished as biologic since its inception: do not afflict or even apply chemical “pushes” to the normal cycle of nature. From 2008 to 2009, the ground is being prepared. In 2010 Vermentino was planted, followed by Vermentino Nero, Canaiolo and Merlot.

The soil is predominantly clayey, mineral, with strong acidity on the final product, also enhanced by the lush Mediterranean scrub, brooms, oaks and bushes along the paths. In 2013, the first grape harvest is made in the cellars of Terenzuola from where today’s oenologist Claudio Felisso arrives. Since 1997, the winemaking is autonomous and carried out in the new wineries completed in 2016: a new impetus for the territory between Candia and Luni to allow people to live it: tastings, relax, wine, extravirgin oil and wind that blows from the sea to give you a special caress.